Why should girls learn STEM? - STEM ACCESS FOR GIRLS

Why Should girls learn STEM Skills?

Helping the girl child and women break into the STEM industry is beneficial in so many ways. To fully understand these benefits, they will be sectioned into detailed groups;

Right now, most of the world’s most profitable skills are along the lines of technology and sciences. With the world becoming more and more digitized, most people are learning about graphics designing, app and database creation, and coding. However, according to a study by Girls Who Code, 30% of girls are less likely to study computing and coding in high school. This is as a result of not having friends that are interested in similar fields of study. Hence, this usually leads to the underrepresentation of girls in STEM industries. In technology fields, the demand for computing skills and coding is said to increase by 2025. With almost half of the population not tapping into these industries, it might suffer a decline in years to come. So, for economic growth, it is important that more women tap into STEM industries.

The gender pay gap is a huge struggle for women all over the world. According to research, women are paid less than men in all fields of work. The average annual earnings of every female are cited as being 78% of the male salary. This is gotten from the already 80%-98% of the adjusted salary. Also, women aren’t paid for maternity leaves, which causes them to earn less. However, with more women tapping into the STEM-related industries, the gender gap is likely to be improved. Based on the expedited economic growth over a span of 10 years, women’s cumulative earnings are likely to increase by $299billion. Hence, more women participating in STEM industries help promote equal pay for all genders globally.

The STEM industry has been a male-dominated industry for several years now. While this cannot necessarily be tied to other specific reasons, one of the major is the fact that women are not represented. Growing up in a world where you’re expected to follow a certain path can determine your achievements without you realizing it. The same can be said about this subject. With fewer women in the STEM-related fields and industries, it is very unlikely that girls would be ecstatic about participating. However, if the reverse is the case, it is likely that more girls would enroll for STEM skills and subjects.

With better representation and focus on gender-specific roles, more girls would definitely be interested in STEM roles.