Majority of Haitians lack access to quality education; a prerequisite for sustained social and economic development. (USAID 2020)Approximately 50% of the children population in Haiti have never attended school According to Population Action International “ Haiti has the youngest age structure in the Caribbean; almost 70 percent of Haiti’s people are under age 30. While young people represent an important asset for any country, they need opportunities in order to prosper. Haiti’s demographic reality has and will have a profound impact on development in the country.” Therefore its important to provide the future generation the opportunity and resources to thrive. STEM Access For Girls, Youth Enrichment and Development (YED) program will provide science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) industry-focused learning opportunities to girls and young women in Haiti’s least developing communities for the purpose of preparing youth for personal, professional, and economic success. There are five main objectives of YED: early and routine access to new technology and STEM education; student empowerment to build strong STEM identities and visualize themselves in STEM professions; inspire program participants, volunteers, and community members to become a change agents; reduce educational and skill disparities for Haitian young ladies; and provide mentoring and role modelsfor Haitian young ladies. Our YED program will provide young ladies with resources to engage in hands-on training, and mentoring to help them develop the 21st Century Skills, a strong STEM identity, self-confidence, and eventually the ability to contribute to Haiti’s development and technological contributions to the world.


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