STEM Experiences

STEM Access For Girls provides a STEM-based curriculum that includes digital literacy, emotional intelligence, writing, and creativity in developing communities for young women ages 9-20 years old.

 Understanding the fundamentals of STEM is vital to ensure youth are equipped with the necessary knowledge to meet the expectations of high-demand jobs. Engaging youth through hands-on workshops helps develop 21st -Century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Program participants acquire skills by engaging in the following process: learn background information, apply the information in a controlled setting, analyze the experience, evaluate their learning, create something that applies the content to their personal setting, and close with a reflection on the whole experience. Throughout each learning process cycle, participants also sharpen their emotional intelligence through intentional, guided activities.

We can and we will empower the next generation!

Our Vision

We are creating a world of innovators and problem solvers through STEM education.


Access to STEM Skills and Tools

STEM Access services provide the opportunity to access technology, build digital literacy, engage in fun and relevant ways with STEM, and learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Create the Space to Dream

Each set of activities intentionally engages the participants in creative thinking and application of the content in personal settings, which increases participant engagement and participant’s ability to envision themselves as a STEM professional

Awareness of STEM Professional Opportunities

Program activities are diverse and take an interdisciplinary approach, just like real life; through this process, participants reflect on careers that may apply that lesson’s learnings

Social-emotional and Leadership Development

STEM Access For Girls’ learning process guides participants through difficult conversations and brings attention to emotions that arise as they go through the activities

STEM Services

STEM Programs

STEM Camps

STEM Parties

STEM Labs/Workshops

Team Building

With their newly gained knowledge, skills, confidence, and perspective, STEM-Access participants can be innovators in their communities.