About Us

STEM Access for Girls introduces a STEM-based academic curriculum to young women between the ages of 9-20 in developing communities.

 Understanding the fundamentals of STEM is important to ensure young women are equipped with the necessary knowledge to meet the expectations of high demand jobs.

Engaging the girls through hands-on workshops helps to develop 21st Century skills which sparks a forward-thinking mindset

The girls acquire skills through foundational concept(s), observation, participating in simulation activities ultimately leading to practical application in everyday experiences.

We can and we will empower the next generation!

Our Vision

Creating a world of innovators and problem solvers through STEM education.


Skills Development

STEM content and practices through experiential learning
Critical thinking
Social-emotional development
Writing opportunities
Digital Literacy

Provide an opportunity

learn about their STEM identities
have fun exploring STEM topics
build relationships with like-minded peers
think out of the box

Increase awareness

career opportunities linked to STEM
appropriate educational paths based on their interests

With their newly gained knowledge, skills, confidence, and perspective STEM-Access Girls can be innovators in their communities.