Youth Advisory Committee(YAC) - STEM ACCESS FOR GIRLS

Youth Advisory Committee(YAC)

STEM Access For Girl’s  Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a  youth leadership development program with a focus on service and advocacy.

Our Youth Advisory Committee(YAC) consists of dedicated, enthusiastic program Alumni from Haiti and Suriname who serve as the youth voice.  Committee members are responsible for advising staff about member engagement activities; provide feedback and recommendations for the STEM Access For Girls program.

STEM Access For Girl’s  Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) started in 2021, with a total of seven members.  YAC members meet monthly to plan and develop action steps to enhance the program experience, create empowering space, and help our STEM Explorer tap into their full potential.

Furthermore,  Youth Advisory Committee Members will plan and execute a community service project to increase awareness and engage community members in the STEM industry.

STEM Access For Girls Youth Advisory Committee ( YAC) members are essential to the STEM Access For Girls team and have a large influence on the program experience.  Being a Youth Advisory Committee member is an opportunity for program participants to advocate for their peers and gain leadership skills.

For more information, email [email protected].

2021-2022 Youth Advisory Commitee Members