Program Founder sponsored by U.S.Embassy to Pitch at Haiti Tech Summit 2018

Congratulations to our Founder!

We are super excited to share STEM Access for Girls Founder, Claudia Gourdet was selected by the U.S. Embassy to attend Startup Lab & Exhibition at Haiti Tech Summit 2018 in Haiti. Not only is this an honor to be selected as 1 of “25 Entrepreneurs sponsored by the US Embassy pitched their ideas on stage” but the only entrepreneur selected outside of Haiti. When we ask Claudia Gourdet, what do you look forward to the most for the Haiti Tech Summit 2018? her response ” This is an opportunity not only to go back home but to be surrounded by individuals who are invested and passionate about Haiti looking to create change and transform the country for the better”.

Without a doubt, Claudia Gourdet getting the opportunity to attend this amazing summit will be an opportunity to share the work of the organization and learn from experts who are working in various industries and in Haiti. Getting feedback and perspectives from stakeholders is extremely important for the growth of the organization. When stakeholders like the youths we serve, the parents who allow their children to be in the program, or the school administrator input are incorporated in the programming or structure of the organization; the needs will be address. We wish our Founder the best of luck at the pitched competition!

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