Permission Form


Dear Student/Parent/Guardian:

My team and I will be facilitating activities with your your ( 18 years old)or child(Under 18 years old) to provide STEM (science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics) learning experiences and opportunities. During activities, my team and I may take pictures to demonstrate participants' activities and STEM experiences. Confirmation of you or your child's participation is required. In addition, I am asking for permission to include your child's picture and/or work samples in the pictures and videos.

The Photograph/Videos of students work will be: Used to assess program performance, possibly selected for purposes as publicity, illustration, advertisement, and website content, destroyed or deleted when no longer needed

If you have chosen not to allow your child's image and work to be used, he or she will still have the opportunity to participate in instructional activities on the same learning goals as all other program participants.

STEM Access For Girls Team

I have read and understood the above: