Founder Story

“In order to create change within ourselves and community, we need to start at the root of the problem; as for me that’s through education.”

Not in a million years would she have ever imagined “Miracile “-a nickname given by her mother to mean miracle; the little giggly girl from Mirebalais, Haiti would work as a software engineer, develop a mobile application, start a non-profit organization, or become a social entrepreneur.  Claudia Gourdet founded STEM Access for Girls in 2016 as her commitment to action for the Clinton Global Initiative University, which inspires social entrepreneurs to collaborate on innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Growing up in Haiti she was never exposed to STEM disciplines. She moved to the United States at the age of nine, Throughout her academic journey, she participated in various program that helped her become passionate about math, science, and technology and help her develop the skills needed to be successful in personal and professional life. For this reason, she took action to empower other young girls through STEM education and provide them with opportunities that were given to her.

STEM Access For Girls mission is to provide STEM services programs to girls and young women in developing countries and prepare them for personal, career, and economic success. By providing the young ladies with resources, training, and mentoring these young ladies will develop the skills, drive, passion, and ability to contribute to their socio-economic well being and will have what it take to be successful.

The way Claudia Gourder accomplished the things she aspired, was through hands-on experiences, having kind-hearted mentors, and role models believe in her abilities who allowed her to be herself with unconditional support. She was fortunate enough to come to the United States to find those opportunities though her father. However,  she believes “it doesn’t take leaving home or becoming a “diaspora” to become a leader, social- entrepreneur, to become change agents and transform your community. Giving a child the opportunity is all it takes to have a bright future.

Through collaboration with like-minded individuals who are interested in investing, she hopes to grow STEM Access For Girls to serve thousands of youths but she cannot do it alone so are constantly working to grow our teams, partners and identify ways we can make a bigger impact.